Grinder for the intensive grinding of large sized and voluminous pieces

Suitable for the intensive grinding of large sized and voluminous pieces from the injection moulding and blow moulding processes, of pieces from extrusion (pipes, profiles, plates, drains), film in bulk or on reels, blocks. They are also used in processing plants for refrigerators, electrical wires or tyres.


da 1000 a 2500 kg/h


90KW o 110 kW o 200 kW

Fan engine:

15 kW

Rotor diameter:

800 mm



Rotor length:

1000 – 1500 – 2000 mm


interchangeable plates and configurable in size


• Large and voluminous sized waste from the injection moulding process

• Large and voluminous sized waste from the blow moulding process

• Extrusion parts (pipes, profiles, plates, drains)

• Film in bulk or on reels

• Thermoforming reels

• Blocks

• Refrigerators

• Tyres

• Electrical Wires


• soundproof loading hopper with protective measures in order to avoid the expulsion of material externally, suitable for loading using a conveyor belt

• cutting chamber in top quality large steel sheeting assembled with screws and pins in order to render worn parts easily replaceable

• double row spherical roller bearings housed in supports connected for the entire circumference to the grinding chamber with a relief and equipped with grease nipples

• configuration of the scissor cut obtained with the inclination of the rotating blades in respect to the counter blades

• tempered chrome k110 blades and counter blades (58/59 HRC), rectified and micro metrically adjustable

• blades and counter blades adjustable on the bench with a template in order to always maintain optimal cutting conditions and distance between the blades and between the rotor blades and the grille, as well as a reduction in replacement times

• reversible sorting grille with a large exhaust area mounted on a cradle grille holder which renders cleaning and replacement easy

• solid flywheel fastened to the shaft rotor with expanding shrink disks which guarantee a reliable fastening over time