Dual shaft shredders with 4 engines for scrap metal

FX shredders are dual shaft shredders designed and built to work with scrap metal. The particular 4 engine configuration (2 per shaft), the exclusive special steel interchangeable blades system and the sturdy structure ensure excellent work standards with reduced maintenance times. The decreased number of rotations allow for the development of high torque levels in order to also handle more difficult materials. The hourly production goes from 15 to 40 tonnes.

Overall Dimensions:

7000 x 3500 mm H=5000 mm

Cutting chamber dimensions:

1500 x 2000 mm


25000 Kg

Motor drive:

4x90 kW / 650 HP


hydraulic / diesel


interchangeable sectors

Blade thickness:

150 mm


• Collection of light loose material

• Collection in packages

• Automobiles

• Automobile packages

• Rolls

• Sheet metal

• Ferrous waste from various works

• Oversized waste


• Low number of rotations (4 - 6 rpm)

• Dual shaft system with independent engines and reducers

• Configurable automatic gear reversal

• Bearings outside of the cutting chamber

• Automatic greasing managed by PLC

• Use of high quality steels

• Configurable blades for thickness and number of teeth