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Pollutec Lyon, the response to the French speaking area

Decembre 2016

Pollutec Lyon was the last international event to be held in 2016, the last chronologically but not the least important. The trade fair is an important event for the French market...

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Thailand: waste as a resource

Decembre 2016

The South-East Asian market proved to be the revelation of 2016 for Forrec. The local presence of a qualified and efficient partner gave the right importance to the professionalism and technology...

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Come work with us!

Decembre 2016

Forrec is looking for new sales staff to include in its internal network. The company is growing on an international scale. New goals and the new destinations reached require careful and...


Season's greetings

Decembre 2016

This year is drawing to a close and all of us are beginning to get ready for Christmas and the arrival of the New Year. The festive period is when we...


XKM3080: the design becomes reality

November 2016

Assembly of the new XKM3080 grinder has been completed, transforming the design into the real powerful, high-performing machine the customer asked Forrec to provide. The mechanical and structural characteristics are based...


Web revolution - Forrec is here

November 2016

Web, social media, multichannel communication: they are not the future, but the present. Web presence is taken for granted, but being there with an intelligent strategy and the right tools is...


Exhibition and events 2016: a busy year

November 2016

For Forrec, 2016 has involved a packed schedule of shows and events all over the world, starting from its consolidated attendance at the IERC Congress in Salzburg through to the Pollutec...


The Asian Economies maintain strong growth

November 2016

Forrec has recently added an important partnership to its international network: it is with Prometeo, an Italian company with very good contacts on the emerging ASEAN markets (10 Countries, 630 million...

Energia alternativa da rifiuto

Waste-derived alternative energy

September 2016

Market demand continues to keep Forrec busy in the search for effective and flexible systems to treat solid urban waste, a product needing particular management for the following selection or preparation...

Cementerie il progetto messicano

Cement plants: the Mexican project

September 2016

The primary crushing of worn tyres, used as an alternative fuel in cement plants, is a field in which Forrec has shown its knowledge and experience. The system proposed by Forrec,...

Tecnologie in evoluzione: XKM3080

Evolving technologies: XKM3080

September 2016

“Quality is meeting the needs of the customer and exceed his own expectations, continuing to improve”, this is the added value that makes Forrec the ideal partner in the search for...

Giappone: una nuova sfida

Japan: a new challenge

September 2016

Forrec’s summer has been marked by the start of an important and strategic co-operation with a large Japanese company. Ryohshin Co Ltd, having its offices in Toyama (Japan), signed a...

Impianto in Guadalupa: vetrina internazionale

Guadeloupe's plant: an international window

September 2016

The final tests of the combined plant for the treatment of WEEE and refrigerators in Guadeloupe are about to end with full success. Forrec technicians' knowledge and the great help received...

XK2000 per RDF, il perfetto connubio fra triturazione primaria e raffinazione

XK2000 for RDF, the perfect combination of primary grinding and refining

July 2016

The commitment to ensure the maximum professionalism in managing agreements with our clients has resulted in loyalty of the latter. Forrec provides technologies but also services, ever attentive to the needs...

A step forward, with you

A step forward, with you

July 2016

The IFAT trade fair of Munich recently ended and was the ideal occasion to start a new route towards upgrading the brand, presenting the new Forrec company profile. A company focussed...

AE600 compatto per necessità, efficiente per natura

AE600 compact by necessity, efficient by nature

July 2016

With the aim of achieving the objective of listening to clients and market demands, Forrec has created, produced and tested a new compact and resistant machine for pre-grinding of electric cables....

DS: nuovo vaglio a dischi, le tecnologia che fa la differenza

DS: new disks sieve, the technology that makes the difference

July 2016

Forrec continues its process of innovation and comprehensive supply of services offered to its clientèle. This is consolidated thanks to the insertion of an important step in the treatment of any...

Fiere e conferenze: bilancio del primo semestre

Trade fairs and conferences: taking stock after the first half of the year

July 2016

The first six months of 2016 have seen Forrec involved in major events with frenetic activities and the utmost effort to meet directly with clients and competitors. Starting with the IERC...

Nuove partnership e nuove sfide

New partnerships and new challenges

July 2016

Reaching the end of the first half of 2016, Forrec takes stock of active partnerships started up and consolidated over time, adding new partnerships to the list, necessary and important to...

3 Focus sul mercato turco

Focus on the Turkish market

May 2016

“After having an active presence on the Turkish market for approximately five years, supplying different plants and machines and appearing at various trade shows and events, Forrec is now recognized as...

4 ISRI e WASTE EXPO meeting points negli Stati Uni

ISRI and WASTE EXPO events in the US

May 2016

The growth and consolidation of Forrec’s presence in the US market required collaboration with the competent, skilled partner McLanahan, a distributor of Forrec products based in Pennsylvania. The ISRI event...

2 Nuova app per monitorare gli impianti da mobile

New app to monitor plants from mobile devices

May 2016

Forrec is implementing its plant management and monitoring technology through a new app, developed and tested at our customer’s cable and scrap treatment plant in Atlanta. The customer needed to...

6 Economia circolare, ecco le misure e i fondi dall'Ue

Circular Economy : new EU measures and funds

May 2016

The European Commission has launched a package of measures to promote a circular economy for businesses – from production to final consumption and waste management – with the objective of increasing...

5 Conto alla rovescia per il prossimo IFAT di Monaco

Countdown to the next IFAT in Munich

May 2016

The countdown to one of the most important international events in the recycling sector has begun. The IFAT event, which will be held in Munich from 30 May to 3 June,...

1 Case history – Cliente Bigaran SRL di Treviso

Case History customer: Bigaran SRL, Treviso

May 2016

The FR2000 multi-crusher supplied to BIGARAN SRL in Treviso and the synergy we have created with our customers are the focus of this interview with the company’s owner, Mr. Renzo...

FR5000 il multilaceratore conquista gli USA

FR5000 the multi-crusher conquers the USA

March 2016

The severe tests to the machines which Forrec uses to do before entering the market have finished and the multi-crusher FR5000 is ready to be involved as primary shredder in the...

SR1500: compatto, versatile e performante

SR1500: compact, versatile and performing

March 2016

Year 2016 will be full of changes. The technical office will be dedicated in a restyling of the single shaft shredder actually in our range. This important project starts with the...

Il nuovo magazzino ricambi: l’efficienza trova spazio

The new spare parts warehouse: the efficiency finds its place

March 2016

Another 1500 meters are added to the current 6000 to centralize the management of spare parts and raw materials dedicated to the production. The transfer of equipment, spare parts, and in...

Nuovi orizzonti per Forrec

New opportunities for Forrec

March 2016

The new year sees Forrec to focus on new markets with the awareness of a constantly evolving company and ready to accept new challenges. In the sights of Forrec the Far...

Focus sull’ampliamento dell’ufficio tecnico

Focus on the enlargement of the technical department

March 2016

With the latest arrivals, the technical department of Forrec has taken a dimension such as to give more and more attention to the design focused on innovation, research, improvement, the special...

Forrec la spunta tra i competitors

New plant in the Caribbean

December 2015

Forrec has closed the contract for the realization of a combined installation for the treatment of refrigerators and Weee in Guadeloupe Island. Commissioned by an important Belgian group which deals with...

Importanti traguardi e nuove sfide per Forrec

Important goals and new challenges for Forrec

December 2015

We meet Marco Zoccarato, CEO of Forrec, to trace a summary of this year of activity of his company. “One of the most significant point of this year is the relevant...

Si consolida la presenza Forrec negli USA

Forrec presence stabilized in the USA

December 2015

Forrec has finalized an important commercial agreement with the US company MCLANAHAN for the trading and distribution of our machines in the USA. This is the result of an intense job...

Tappi e lattine per il sociale

Plastic caps and Alu cans for Social

December 2015

Every one, even in his own small way, can contribute to the recycling and to the environment saving. So, in year 2015 we have started an awareness campaign which involved all...

2 - Forrec nel mondo il punto di vista dei Sales Executive

Forrec in the world: the point of view of the Sales Executive

November 2015

Forrec has successfully attended even this year the main exhibitions around the world. Great opportunities for showing to the professionals of the sector our products but also for checking the requirements...

3 - Una collaborazione positiva

The Italy-Serbia axis confirms its success

November 2015

Forrec, in cooperation with the Serbian company "Bozic i sinovi" i sinovi, has participated at the conference "New technologies for the recycling of waste" in Belgrade concurrently with the fair Ecofair....

1 - Forrec per la Green Economy

Forrec for the Green Economy

November 2015

We are very often led to consider the technical aspects of a product losing sight of the fallout, perhaps very important, that it has on our lives. In case of a...

Sostanziale rinnovamento per il nuovo laceratore LC2000

Substantial renovation for the new Multicrusher LC2000

September 2015

The multi-crusher are two-shaft shredders, equipped with special blades, ideal for preparing the material to facilitate subsequent sorting manual or automatic separation. Without the sieve, these machines can treat high material...

Multilaceratore FR: nel segno della versatilità

Multi-crusher FR: in the name of flexibility

September 2015

It was quickly realized that the multi-crusher FR series would be capable of interesting surprises. Born to be used as a primary shredder in treatment plant of municipal solid waste and...

Operativo un nuovo impianto per il trattamento dell’alluminio

A new plant for the treatment of aluminum is now operative

September 2015

The assembly has finished and the testing has begun with the plant for treating post-consumer aluminium. The line, which treats aluminium both loose and in bales, has been designed to optimize...

Serbia e Russia danno il via al riciclaggio dei frigoriferi

Serbia and Russia open the door to refrigerators recycling

July 2015

Leader on the manufacture of machines and plants for the treatment of solid waste, Forrec has always paid particular attention to the area of ​​WEEE, refrigerators and refrigerating equipment, developing cutting-edge...

Forrec  fornitore di A2A Ambiente

Forrec supplier by A2A Ambiente

July 2015

Forrec confirmed its leadership by providing a machine specifically designed for the needs of A2A Ambiente, the first operator in Italy in the management and enhancement of the environment. Forrec has...

Impianti su misura

Customized waste recycling installations

July 2015

One of the most appreciated characteristics by Forrec customers is the company's ability to provide solutions for most of the industrial needs of waste disposal and recycling. This means that Forrec...

Forrec, Fadim, Cruz Azul e governo Messicano uniti in un grande progetto

Forrec, Fadim, Cruz Azul and the Mexican government working together on an important project

May 2015

In this new issue of our Newsletter, we would like to tell you about an important project in Mexico in which we have played a major role. But let’s start...

Riconosciuta l’efficienza degli impianti Forrec per il trattamento dell’alluminio

The efficiency of Forrec aluminium processing plants is recognized

May 2015

Two shredding lines for processing post-consumer industrial aluminium for conversion into billets (raw material): - The first line was designed to optimize the furnace-ready product as requested by the industrial user....

Trattamento Forsu

Organic fraction treatment

May 2015

We recently delivered to a company in southern Italy a OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste) treatment plant to separate the wet fraction from plastic bags. The line is composed...

Forrec a Dubai

Forrec in Dubai

May 2015

Forrec’s internationalization programme continues with the recent opening of our representative office in Dubai, which will promote the Forrec brand in the entire Gulf area. The first project was participation...

Eccellente finale di campionato per il Volley Fratte

Excellent championship finals for Volley Fratte

May 2015

The 2014-2015 Championship ended well for the Volley Fratte volleyball team. The team’s B2 status was confirmed with a final rush that brought them within a hair’s breadth of...

Inizia l’avventura 2015 per il team 3 STARS

The 2015 adventure begins for the 3 STARS team

May 2015

In the mountain area of Val Brembana, in Spiazzi di Gromo (BG), a new competitive season began for the 3 Stars team, with the first race of the Gravitalia downhill circuit....

Soluzione Forrec per lo smaltimento dei pallet voluminosi

Forrec solution for the treatment of bulky waste

May 2015

An important metalworking company in northern Italy has installed the new FR1800 multicrusher that features new technology patented by Forrec. The purpose is to process thick wooden pallets that are used...

Un grande passo avanti nell’evoluzione tecnologica

A big step ahead in the technological evolution

February 2015

The latest edition of Pollutec exhibition, held in Lyon last December, was the prestigious showcase for the presentation of the new Forrec series of multi-Crushers FR. Always focused on market developments...


The 2015 calendar

This year the traditional calendar was made with the creative contribution of volunteers and disabled children of the Foundation Betulla. Twelve drawings through which the guys have committed to interpret, with...


Css Energy

December 2014

We meet Walter Fedi, managing director and associate of CSS Energy Gallicano (LU), a company specializing in the production of RDF (Residual Derived Fuel) and has recently purchased a grinder Forrec...


New technologies

December 2014

Forrec has recently released two new plants that have, as main part, the new hammers mill Z14. The first is a plant for the treatment of car parts, mainly the doors...


WEEE treatment plant

December 2014

Thanks to the incentives of the Romanian government a group of young entrepreneurs in Bucharest could modernize the process of treatment of WEEE (washing machines, dishwashers, small appliances) that was previously...

Nuovo trituratore monorotore idraulico XK3000H per rottame di alluminio

New single-rotor shredder hydraulic XK3000H for aluminum scrap

September 2014

As mentioned in our June newsletter the single-rotor shredder XK3000H is operative; it has been installed in an important Turkish industry specialized in the production of aluminum billets, here the machine...

Caratteristiche d’avanguardia per il nuovo trituratore monoalbero XK3000 Evolution

Innovative features for the new single-shaft shredder XK3000 Evolution

September 2014

Forrec presents XK3000 Evolution, a new single-rotor shredder with revolutionary features. Destined to become the top reference for all the machines in its group, the shredder XK3000 Evolution represents a milestone...

In espansione la raccolta differenziata in sud Italia

The increasing differentiated collection in southern Italy

September 2014

The increase of industrial waste collected separately, encourage more and more entrepreneurs to invest in specialized plants and southern Italy is providing examples of virtuous entrepreneurs who bet on this sector;...

Tecnici Forrec all’opera in tutto il mondo

Forrec specialists working all over the world

September 2014

The assembly operations are almost finished for the plant to process refrigerators and WEEE that Forrec has built in the Isle de la Reunion and the cables treatment plant under construction...

Campionato Assoluto Italiano di downhill trionfo per il team 3Stars (2)

Downhill Absolute Italian Championship: triumph for the team 3Stars

August 2014

It was held in Chapoluc in Val d'Aosta, the Italian downhill Championship, one of the disciplines of the "mountain biking" practiced by the team 3Stars for which Forrec is the historic...

Stati Uniti: impianto per il trattamento dei cavi elettrici

United States: electric wires treatment plant

June 2014

Among the greatest commercial successes of this period we underline the supply of an electric wires treatment plant in the United States of America. A further recognition of high Forrec technologies...

Turchia: aumentano le esportazioni dei prodotti Forrec

Turkey: Increase in the exportation of Forrec products

June 2014

The high quality of the Forrec mark is even more considered and recognized in Turkey where we have recently sold a single shaft grinder model XK3000. The customer, an important Turkish...

Vetrina macchine usate e in pronta consegna

Showcase second hand machines and ready for delivery

June 2014

Online the new showcase of Forrec second-hand machines. We invite you to visit the new pages of our website dedicated to the second-hand machines and to the brand new ones ready...

Ile de la Reunion: training per gli operatori tecnici

Ile de la Reunion: training for the technical operators

June 2014

We reported in the news of April the construction of a plant for the treatment of WEEE and refrigerators in “Ile de la Reunion”. As part of this project an operational...

Promozione in  Serie C per le ragazze del Volley Fratte

Advancement in C league for the Volley Fratte girls

June 2014

With a season to remember the Volley Fratte girls in D league, Forrec is an official sponsor, with the latest success, confirmed their second place in the classification and automatically win...

Il complemento ideale per le nostre macchine e i nostri impianti

The ideal complement for our machines and plants

April 2014

Forrec has gained a great experience in the production of conveyors, industry to which the company pays much attention, considering that a part of the design department is engaged exclusively in...

Forza Forrec Going from strength to strength

Forza! Forrec Going from strength to strength

We kindly invite you to read our interview on April issue of Recycling International magazine. Get your copy of Recycling International magazine! Enjoy your reading!...

L’esperienza internazionale di Forrec fa scuola

Forrec describes its own international experience with Post Financing

April 2014

On March 20, 2014 an interesting meeting was held at the Conference Room of Confindustria Padova which had as its theme "traditional and innovative tools to be competitive in foreign markets...

2 in 1: Impianto trattamento Raee e frigoriferi

2 into 1: treatment installation for WEEE and refrigerators

April 2014

Among the technological innovations we highlight the new "combined" Forrec installation that has developed for the simultaneous treatment of WEEE and refrigerators. Within the month of June 2014, it will be...

l'azienda cresce

The company grows

April 2014

In March Forrec has enlarged his offices on the second floor of the Santa Giustina in Colle premise. The constant growth of the company and the arrival of new professionals have...

Nuovo sistema di trasmissione: più affidabilità e prestazioni

New transmission system: more reliability and performance

April 2014

Forrec, always involved in the improvement of its machines, has developed and implemented innovative transmission system on the single shaft grinders, such a system increases the reliability and performance of the...

Nuova serie di monoalberi

New models of single shaft grinders

April 2014

The know-how that Forrec has developed over the years is due in large part to the attention skills the company has always shown towards the needs of customers and market developments....

Forrec guarda al futuro

Forrec looks into the future

Year 2013 is about to conclude and there has been a complex economic situation, but also encouraging news and interesting growth opportunities for Forrec. In this context Forrec wanted to give...

Trituratori TBS: convenienti e affidabili

TBS shredder: advantageous and reliable

TBS is the acronym for a new line of Forrec machines, the production has started in the month of June. The shredders of the TBS series will be produced in different...

E’ operativo l’impianto di Minsk per il trattamento degli pfu

Tyres Recycling Plant: Minsk is now operating

Successfully terminated the test phases of the new plant for the treatment of tyres designed and built by Forrec. We were really proud to verify the full satisfaction of our Byelorussian...

Positivi segnali di ripresa dal mercato spagnolo e portoghese

Positive recovery signals from Spanish and Portuguese market

Some interesting signals of recovery from Spain and Portugal, countries that, after a certain slowdown due to the effects of the global crisis, have returned to invest in the recycling field....

Aprisacchi LS più performanti e affidabili

LS bags opener: better-performing and reliable

Forrec has always invested time and resources to improve and increase the efficiency and quality of its machines. In particular, the focus of our designers in recent months has focused on...

Trattamento Raee e Frigoriferi anche la Bielorussia adotta il metodo Europeo

WEEE and refrigerators treatment: Belarus adopts the European method

In the past weeks, 25 trucks containing a complete installation for the treatment of WEEE and refrigerators left our factory in Santa Giustina in Colle to the Minsk Regional Technopark. This...

Il servizio assistenza efficienza e disponibilità

After-sales service department: efficiency and availability

Forrec has always focused on the quality and efficiency of services that complement the plant and machines in our range of products. For this reason, the after-sale service has always been...

Francia nuovo impianto per il trattamento dei rifiuti

France: new system for the treatment of waste

Installed in France, in the region of Normandy, the plant has been designed for the biggest French group specialized in the treatment of ferrous scraps. As additional investment, the Company has...

Stant Forrec Ecomondo 2013

ECOMONDO 2013: Forrec confirms its leadership

The booth Forrec at Ecomondo held in Rimini from November 6th to the 9th as usual has been a meeting point for new and existing customers. The corner "SERVICE" was the...

escrap conf 2013 foto stand

E-scrap Conference, an important tradition

In September Forrec took part for the 4th time to the annual international conference dedicated to the e-scraps. “E-scrap Conference” in Orlando, FL, in fact is a fundamental appointment for our...


Thailand: pilot installation for municipal waste

One of the most appreciated characteristic of Forrec production is the wide range of machines that can offer real solutions to most of the problems related to the treatment of many...

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Practical and versatile: the mobile shredder TQ1300

Completely designed by Forrec and developped in the headquarter of Santa Giustina in Colle, an innovative mobile system for dangerous packagins shredding is being presented during these days. Mobile shredders are...

messico (3)

Mexico: production of combustible for cement plants

One important sector for the mexican industry concerns the cement plants where it is particularly felt the need to improve the production of energy through the optimal treatment of waste used...

Volley Fratte 2013

New season for Volley Fratte

The team of volleyball players officially sponsored by Forrec has joint an important success in the first match of the Italian Championship. Surely it is an excellent greeting for the coming...

Macinatori Forrec Serie XK: soluzioni per la produzione di CSS

Forrec Grinders XK Series: solutions for the production of RDF

After the publication of the Ministerial Decree 22/2013 (no. 22 of 14/02/2013), our country has been formally allowed to start using a fuel, technically called RDF (Refuse-Derived fuel), as an alternative...

Eventi fieristici: una conferma del successo di Forrec

Expositions: Forrec winning strategies

The first half of the year was largely positive for the internationalization process and for Forrec brand promotion in the world. We attended the exhibition in New Orleans on May 20...

Forrec su Facebook e Google Plus

Forrec on Facebook and Google Plus

Since the month of June we are on Facebook and Google Plus, two social networks which will allow us to keep you updated on the latest news in real time and...

01 trattamento dei rifiuti ospedalieri. il nuovo impianto del gruppo maio

Treatment of hospital (Medical) waste. The new plant of the Group Maio.

We meet the Eng. Luigi Nuzzo, Managing Director of Maio Group and Eng. Andrea Sireni, Project Manager, in the brand new plant in Atessa in the province of Chieti, where the...


TQ 1300: new options for the treatment of plastic

The four-shaft shredder TQ1300, whose technology and performance have been frequently tested in various production areas, has found a new place in the shredding of plastics. During the conference ISRI held...

03 ISRI 2013

ISRI 2013

Forrec confirms the membership to ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) for the second year and do not miss the appointment, now familiar, with the conference focused on industrial scrap which...


Meeting by the SEP exhibition

On Thursday the 21st of March, during the exhibition SEP held in Padua, “Padova Promex” promoted a series of “BtoB” meetings with companies from various European Countries, Middle Eastern and Asian....

05 3 Stars Squad campioni per divertimento

3 Stars Squad champions for fun

Forrec supports the amateurish sport association “3 Stars Squad” a team of 36 athletes who practice some disciplines in mountain biking and road cycling. In addition to downhill discipline (specialty which...


RX 2000: extended the range dedicated to waste

The field of recycling and recovery of waste is in constant evolution: national and European laws but also the changing conditions of the global economic system, impose strong development of technologies...


Low volume high performances: grinders SR

With the new range of single-shaft shredders SR with a very interesting quality / price ratio, Forrec want to answer the increasing demand of those operators who need to handle not...


New synergies: the consortium CARPI

“Looking to the future for stimulating challenges with the aim of providing new solutions to the problems of recycling of plastic waste” that's what drove Forrec to join the Consortium CARPI,...


Salzburg IERC 2013

Last January, Forrec was an active protagonist of one of the most important international Conference in the field of recycling of WEEE: IERC of Salzburg. Two days dedicated to green -...


Fratte volleyball, sports at the highest levels

Forrec is the official sponsor of Volleyball Fratte (Padua) for some years. The sports club, founded in 1972, has grown so much that it is actually the most important volleyball club...


Fairies Children

Forrec supports the foundation "Fairies Children" for several months geared to help children with disabilities and helping infantile autism research and contributing to the creation of dedicated structures. The latest plan...

Al via la newsletter di Forrec

Kick-Off Forrec Newsletter

December 2012

For Forrec much has been made, much remains to be done. Between the desires in the drawer there was also to create a privileged channel of communication with our customers, suppliers...

Verso nuovi mercati

Towards New Markets

December 2012

The 2012 has been a very important year for the presence of Forrec abroad. During the year the Company took part at 14 events and exhibitions all over the world. Fundamental...


Recycling plant in Belarus


On Friday, June 1st 2012 the contract for the supply of an installation for the treatment of used tires has been signed, made in Italy by Forrec; it will be positioned...


Medical waste recycling plant, new horizons for Forrec


Forrec engages in new areas and studies, designs and defines the supply of the first plant to process medical waste. The line, which will be located in the area of Chieti,...

impianto raee sardegna 1

New WEEE recycling plant in Sardinia


The technology of Forrec in the recycling of WEEE lands in Sardinia, during the month of May there was the definition for the supply of a treatment plant of this type...

Start-up for the new WEEE recycling installation by company SIRMET in Latina

Start-up for the new WEEE recycling installation by company SIRMET in Latina


Thanks to the Forrec technology and the SIRMET know-how, a new installation has been realized with high projecting and contruction quality that advances the recycling aims of the new WEEE directive...

Riciclo memorie

The final tests for two large WEEE plants

The testing phases for two large WEEE plants are now coming to a close. With their highly advanced technologies and treatment capacities of 3 tons/h, these plants are at the absolute...


The RELIGHT system for the treatment of WEEE

The new system for the treatment of WEEE, which has been developed by Milan’s RELIGHT, has now been successfully tested. The company, which is a model of excellence in the...

impianto lavatrici

Forrec Usa Inc


2012 is off to a great start for Forrec USA Inc. In fact, the Forrec group company in Greenville South Carolina successfully consolidates. An important line for WEEE treatment will be...


New MR2000 tyre shredder


The plans for the new MR2000 grinder model, specially designed to process tyres, completed at the end of January 2012, confirmed the expectations for this machine that guarantees production rates up...


TZR Recycling Industry D.O.O.


2011 closed on a high note for TZR, the Forrec group company in Prokuplje, south of Belgrade (Serbia). For over a year the company has been manufacturing carpentry and conveyor belts...

New registered office

New registered office

We hereby inform all our customers and suppliers that, starting from November the 16th, 2011, company Forrec has changed the registered office in: FORREC S.r.l VIALE DELL'ARTIGIANATO, 24 35010 SANTA GIUSTINA...


A major partnership agreement between FORREC and I.T.R.

In order to enhance and optimize their respective resources, FORREC and OMAR Group’s I.T.R. have signed a technical and commercial collaboration agreement. The positive synergy that has developed between the...


Move to the new facility in Santa Giustina in Colle

In the wake of the significant increase in production over the last two years, our company will undergo an important change at the end of 2011. We will leave our current...