Processing and recycling tyres

The disposal of disused tyres is a very current topic. The three processing alternatives allow for different solutions: The first stage allows to obtain a reduction in size (tyre crumb) with the purpose of reducing the volumes in order to facilitate warehousing or to be used for energy production as an alternative combustible.

The same can be said for the second step which foresees shearing up to 20 mm (chip), with separation from iron and the textile fibre: in this case the material, other than the waste to energy process, it can also be used as a background for civil or industrial works.

A third level of processing allows to obtain a secondary raw material at the end of the line (rubber pellets from 0 to 4 mm) 99% pure, ideal for uses such as anti-shock flooring, urban furnishing, draining asphalt, applications for isolating and sound absorbing panels.