Single shaft grinder for material with a specific high weight level

MR grinders were designed expressly and above all for use in the management of tyres and for a type of material with a specific high weight level; this type of application generates significant stress to the mechanical organs and for this reason neither pushers nor even less and above all reducers are in this MR grinder, the machine uses an oil bath chain transmission system.

Overall Dimensions:

3700 x 2500 mm H=4800 mm

Rotor dimensions:

L1500 – Ø700 mm


16000 Kg

Motor drive:

200 kW


interchangeable plates

Plates dimensions:

48 x 48 x 30 mm

No. of plates:



• Tyres

• Material with specific high weight


• High number of rotations (120 rpm)

• Epicyclic reducer

• Oil bath chain transmission

• Configurable automatic gear reversal

• Bearings outside of the cutting chamber

• Automatic greasing managed by PLC

• Use of high quality steels

• Configurable blades for thickness and number of teeth