Single shaft grinder for the management of light materials

SR grinders are suitable for the management of light materials and for applications requiring a low productivity level.  Allow an output production of material in uniform pieces thanks to the presence of a grille. The exclusive interchangeable plates system guarantees fast maintenance and reduced downtime. Produced with an electrical engine, the SR grinders, thanks to the peculiar solutions implemented, allow for low energy consumption.

Overall Dimensions:

2700 x 2200 mm H=2400 mm

Rotor dimensions:

L1500 - Ø295 mm


6500 Kg

Motor drive:

37 kW


interchangeable plates

Plates dimensions:

40 x 40 x 25 mm

No. of blades:



• Light plastics

• Wood

• Paper - Cardboard

• Electrical Wires


• High number of rotations (80 rpm)

• Single shaft with parallel axis engine reducer

• Configurable automatic gear reversal

• Bearings outside of the cutting chamber

• Automatic greasing managed by PLC

• Use of high quality steels

• Easily interchangeable blades

• Cutting system fixed without welding