Tyres plants

The FORREC plant for tyre recycling foresees a productive cycle able to obtain, starting from the disused tyre, secondary raw materials in various granularities, with the simultaneous separation of other components, such as steel and textile fibre.

The first stage of the process foresees the removal of the steel ring within truck tyres. Subsequently the material is ground and reduced into pieces until reaching a uniform granularity which is broken down as follows: 0÷2 mm and 2÷4 mm. During the grinding process all of the steel is separated and stocked according to various stages of magnetic separation.

The plant is equipped with a cleaning system that, articulated into various stages, guarantees the complete separation of the textile fibre in order to obtain a granular product which will be 99% pure.
An advanced air intake system supported by filters and fire prevention systems guarantees dust control while complying with the regulations in force and allowing to work in safe conditions.

Plant TY1500

Hourly capacity: 1500 Kg.

Space occupied:  1500 m2

KW installed:      600 KW

No. of staff:          4

Plant TY2500

Hourly capacity:  2500 Kg.

Space occupied:   1750 m2

KW installed:       750 KW

No. of staff:           5

Plant TY4000

Hourly capacity: 4000 kg.

Space occupied:  2000 m²

KW installed:     900 KW

No. of staff:         6


Disused automobile tyres

Disused truck tyres

Disused tractor tyres


Rubber granules (60%)

Steel (35%)

Textile fibre (5%)

Plant TY1500

• Two shaft grinder TB1500

• Single shaft grinder MR1500

• Granulator FMS150/70

Plant TY2500

• Two shaft grinder TB1500

• Single shaft grinder MR2000

• Granulator FMS200/70

Plant TY4000

• Two shaft grinder TB2000

• Single shaft grinder MR2000 (n. 2)

• Granulator FMS200/70 (n. 2)


• Low number of rotations which efficiently use the elevated torque - low consumption ratio.

• Low dust emissions resulting in a lower workload for the suction plants.

• Low emissions on a noise pollution level.

• Modular plants which consent future upgrades.

• Excellent ratio between manual labour and plant automation.

• Shaft system with independent engines and reducers

• Interchangeable shafts

• Bearings outside of the cutting chamber

• Use of high quality steels

• Remote assistance via modem


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