Weee processing and recycling

If we speak of WEEE in general terms we are making reference to the so-called R4 family (small electrical and electronic equipment). The processing of this equipment allows for the recovery of numerous metals and precious components.

The WEEE plants developed, designed and built by Forrec allow for the total recovery of the components with a "zero" environmental impact: air flow control, control of dust resulting from grinding, soundproofing of the most noisy components and total recovery of hazardous parts (batteries, condensers, etc.). The technology developed perfectly harmonises manual operation with automatic separation equipment; furthermore, with various technological solutions the range of the processable WEEE families can also be extended to R2 (washers and large white goods) and R3 (CRT monitors).

The production process allows for the recovery of the following materials:

  • Iron (30%)
  • Non-ferrous materials (15%)
  • Plastics (30%)
  • Circuit boards (5%)
  • Small engines (var. levels)
  • Electrical wires (1%)
  • Lead batteries (var. levels)
  • AA Batteries (var. levels)
  • Condensers (var. levels)
  • Mixed waste (2%)