ASEAN SUSTAINABLE WEEK: the opportunities of the Asian market

The Asian market, especially the one in the south-east area, named ASEAN, has proved to be very attentive to the problem of waste management, to the need to empty landfills in order to achieve the coveted "zero waste".

In particular, in countries such as Vietnam, Korea and Thailand Forrec has set up partnerships that have led to the implementation of important projects.

In Thailand, thanks to the support and collaboration of the agent MILESTONES, in recent years Forrec has designed and installed many lines for the treatment of MSW (municipal solid waste) to prepare it for subsequent application as RDF (residual derived fuel).

Precisely in Thailand, MILESTONES will present the Forrec technology at the ASEAN SUSTAINABLE WEEK exhibition and will meet with experts in the sector to continue the project of sustainability and circular economy, the aspiration of all countries attentive to the future of our planet.

Here are the details of the event: