The IFAT trade fair of Munich recently ended and was the ideal occasion to start a new route towards upgrading the brand, presenting the new Forrec company profile. A company focussed not only on what it produces, but above all on the motives behind their choices.

The new company profile artistically and emotionally sums up the various strengths in the work of Forrec, always aimed at seeking efficient solutions for preserving the environment.

The RElationships that Forrec wishes to establish with clients are essential to share experiences and needs, seeking to meet the demands in terms of reliability, performance and management costs. A table set, a plate of spaghetti and this meeting takes on an authentic feel of “Made in Italy”.

Continuous REsearch, supports by a technical office made up of 8 engineers, technological partners and a commitment to stay constantly up-to-date with standards and market trends.

The REalization of completely "tailor-made" machinery and systems, with unique solutions such as the DNA, demonstrating flexibility and attention to needs, without neglecting the knowledge acquired from the experience of clients in the various sectors.

But Forrec is even more than that: 60 different machine models and turnkey systems for any type of solid urban and industrial waste and a REactive company, backed by the present of assistance teams at the client's premises, call centres, remote assistance and a parts warehouse provided for scheduled and emergency maintenance.

A new image for the long-standing reliability