Talking about fruitful partnerships, Forrec is announcing the agreement with an Italian company from Lombardy for the promotion of a patented and innovative project for the treatment and recovery of post-consumer plastic, specifically bumpers and tanks, called PHI plant.

The plant and its process are designed to treat materials contaminated by foreign materials such as: glass, metallic components, cables, loaded material, hydrocarbons etc. These materials are intercepted and eliminated upstream, before granulation and bagging, thanks to a series of innovations: double bulk reduction, integrated double iron separation, configuration in line with the washing plant, washing with innovative systems, additional iron separator in the suction and light particles interception plant.

The line, which ensure a very high yield (up to 1300 kg/h) and certified output product purity of 99%, has a compact design (220 m2) with low energy consumption (80/90 kW/h) and extreme flexibility and modularity.

With the PHI plant we managed to find a performing solution for the new needs of the post-consumer plastic recycling market, in terms of quality of the final product, processing time, decreased labour use, energy saving, wear and maintenance