Copper refining in QATAR

The Middle East market, a goal that many companies aspire to, is adapting to some new regulations that since the beginning of 2018 have been implemented by governments and administrations.

This positive trend is accompanied by the need to obtain 100% clean and reusable products and it is with this in mind that a company in Qatar has selected Forrec for the implementation of its system of treatment of cables and electric motors. The company, already included in the context of active and quality recycling, comes into contact with Forrec thanks to the references gained in recent years in the field of treatment of this particular waste.

The line treats 1000 kg/hour of cables and "motor mix" derived from a pre-shredding of electric motors with an existing plant, to Forrec the task of completing the process with technology designed to fit perfectly with the customer's treatment systems to obtain a finished product, clean and usable as a second raw material of high quality.

The output products are: aluminium, iron and copper, this last one, in particular, is obtained in different granulometries given by the different phases of the treatment in which it is separated. The performance is confirming the goodness of the technology used with an output purity of about 98%.

An example of how Forrec's technology adapts perfectly to any type of treatment and succeeds in achieving optimal results.