Forrec continues its process of innovation and comprehensive supply of services offered to its clientèle. This is consolidated thanks to the insertion of an important step in the treatment of any types of waste, i.e. dimensional screening of materials.

The innovative project conceived, designed, produced and already tested by Forrec features all the characteristics necessary to solve the problems found on other types of sieve.

Evaluation and research by Forrec have shown the need on the market for solutions that are both sturdy and simple, to reduce costs generated by the special characteristics of solid urban waste, which leads to extremely high levels of wear of components constructed in lightweight material, rendering them inefficient within a short interval.

Forrec has produced a screen in which all components that come into contact with the waste are in anti-wear steel and tempered to minimise maintenance costs, all to guarantee at the same time perfect screening, high output and the solution of the problems typically found with disk screens such as material twisting around the shafts.

The positive outcomes already seen already confirm that the technology adopted is able to make the difference with respect to current market supply, offering the same professionalism and constant innovation...