Focus on the tire treatment plant

In terms of tire treatment, Forrec confirms that it is always attentive to the increasingly demanding market requirements. With the aim of aligning with the quality of the chopped tire Forrec is completing the design of a new primary shredder capable of:

  • Increase productivity
  • Remove the protruding steel wires
  • Improve the control of the output size
  • Reduce maintenance costs drastically
  • Significantly reduce electrical consumption

Forrec foresees that the first machine is ready for June, it will be installed at one of the company's customers in Italy with whom there is already a supply agreement.

The company's expectations for the success of this new project are very high with the aim of placing 10 machines in the second half of 2019.

The research department of Forrec is also active in the development of complete and automated lines for the treatment of tires, with the aim of raising the standards also in grinding and granulation, to obtain a clean and usable product in various fields, from flooring road to the production of: technical items, sound-absorbers panels, anti-shock panels, street furniture, etc.

Despite the experience and references in Italy and in the world, Forrec continues its mission to bring cutting-edge solutions with an eye to the management costs that, in such a selective market, play a primary role.