FOR REC has certified its activities

In 2021 FOR REC S.R.L. has undertaken the process of certification of its activities in order to provide an increasingly professional and accurate service to its customers, with the obtaining of certificate No. 39 00 1602011 of 06.10.2021 according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 issued by the TÜV Rheinland Italia S.r.l.

The scope of FOR REC S.R.L. that falls under the Quality System is:

"Design, production, commissioning and after sale service of machines and plants for the treatment of solid waste".


This certification has allowed and will allow FOR REC S.R.L. to:

  1. strength its reputation, focused on customer satisfaction;
  2. continuously improve quality performances;
  3. implement efficient production processes;
  4. be positively accepted by the national and international markets.

What Quality means for FOR REC

The economic framework obliges an organization to carry out its activities with a view to continuous improvement of its performance, in order to be able to consolidate its role in the market and be able to measure itself in the challenge of expanding its customer database.

The primary goal of FOR REC is the complete customer satisfaction, as the main stakeholder relevant to the economic sustainability of the organization.

FOR REC has equipped itself with appropriate tools for the prompt receipt, adequate analysis and proper management of the needs and expectations of all stakeholders.

Management aims to promote, develop and support the following activities:

  • Involvement of all personnel in the goals related to the Company Policy;
  • Improvement of the skills of the company staff, through a process of continuous training;
  • Definition, implementation and spreading of effective internal and external communication tools;
  • Promotion and extension of the principles of this Policy to all its stakeholders.

Through its innovative waste treatment solutions, FOR REC contributes to the protection of the environment. On a daily basis FOR REC promotes the development of increasingly effective solutions that meet the requirements, also drawing on the value of its employees, who have exceptional experience and motivation.

The social aspect is also very important to FOR REC, which has always supported activities related to sport and research.

The Leadership is personally committed to playing an active and guiding role in the improvement of the company, supported by the effectiveness of the implemented Management System. However, these goals are achievable only through a complete and clear awareness of their role within the Company System by all people: workers, partners, suppliers and customers. The spreading of this Policy is the first step on this path of awareness and responsibility.

Our company is proud of the goals achieved with commitment and dedication and will be engaged, in the coming years, to maintaining these high standards of quality.