Forrec’s Customer Service Support

The Forrec’s Customer service support and after-sales office is enriched with a strengthening of the dedicated team: 6 operators involved in all services related to the assembly of machines and plants, post-sales management and planned and extraordinary maintenance.

Federico, Massimo, Simone and Giacomo assisted by Marta and Francesca are an experienced and prepared team for all the requirements and needs related to the purchase of spare parts, remote assistance and the management of Forrec personnel who are present and daily operating in Italy and worldwide.

In addition to the e-mail address:, there will also be a dedicated and direct telephone line that will allow immediate contact with the operators.

The new number: +39 049 9968000 is available to all Forrec customers from 06/05/2019. A competent "customer friendly" service, ready to respond to the needs of machine and plant management.