In this new issue of our Newsletter, we would like to tell you about an important project in Mexico in which we have played a major role.

But let’s start from the beginning. Cruz Azul is a large 100% Mexican cooperative society that is a leader in the strategic sector of cement production, with large plants throughout Mexico.

As a cooperative, Cruz Azul has strong ties to the region and has developed a solid awareness of numerous social problems. For example, it strives to ensure that its cement plants have the least environmental impact possible (e.g. atmospheric emissions) and, more generally, has policies that combine economic needs with attentive environmental sustainability.

A project was therefore launched to significantly increase the production of clean, high-quality RDF (refused-derived fuel) with a high heat value. This has a clear dual benefit – it offers the region a concrete, appropriate solution to waste disposal, while also providing a fuel that ensures the least possible impact on the environment.

After carefully evaluating solutions and proposals offered by major American and European manufacturers, Cruz Azul chose Forrec and Fadim as its technological partner.

Based on the needs of the cooperative and capitalizing on its solid experience, Forrec built a machine that can fully satisfy Cruz Azul’s needs by producing a high-quality RDF. Subjected to stringent testing, the Forrec prototype fully met Cruz Azul’s expectations and the full-scale project is finally underway.

But let’s take a step backwards. A project of this size (the initial plans are for 6 primary plants for separating organic waste and 4 secondary plants for producing the actual RDF) requires the involvement of several partners, since it not only is expected to grow and develop over time but may also set the standard for all of Central America and even beyond.

The entities involved in the project are:

- The states of Colima and Morelos, through their respective administrations, as well as the federal government. They are all strongly committed to finding sustainable outlets for waste disposal, eliminating the need to resort to landfills.

- Forrec, with its technological expertise, which is the partner responsible for the complete design and construction of the plants.

- Fadim, a company that has been Forrec’s business partner in Mexico for many years, which coordinated the various stages of the project and was chosen by Cruz Azul to manage the various plants.

From a technical perspective, the project involves a wide range of technological knowledge, developing a significant, positive synergy among the technical departments of Forrec, Cruz Azul and Fadim, which are engaged in the joint effort to bring the project to fruition.

The equipment for the first plants is currently being constructed in our facility in Santa Giustina in Colle and will be delivered to the states of Morelos and Colima in July. The plants are expected to be fully operational by the end of the year.