Forrec in Ierc Salzburg 2020

Last January, Forrec took part in Ierc Salzburg, the Austrian conference for electric and electronic waste (WEEE), where important speakers from all over Europe use to meet every year. The event focuses on the management and disposal of this particular type of material.

The systems designed and produced by Forrec, which has always been very sensitive to this issue, are suitable for the treatment of electrical and electronic waste, which also includes large household appliances, refrigerators, TVs, computers, air conditioning systems, boilers ... but Forrec also deals with the management and treatment of waste related to this equipment such as electric motors and cables with dedicated systems.

Looking to the future we can foresee a further development of systems to recycle this waste. In particular Forrec, thanks to the commitment of its R&D department, is studying new solutions to effectively dispose of even those electronic waste that do not yet have a treatment technology.