Forrec has successfully attended even this year the main exhibitions around the world. Great opportunities for showing to the professionals of the sector our products but also for checking the requirements and market trends.

Considering this, who could give us a precise consideration of current trends? The sales executive of Forrec involved in various national and international exhibitions comment:

Piergiorgio Acquati, for Italy.

I consider our presence at the Ecomondo fair extremely positive. I have personally seen promising signs of recovery and a particular attention on technologies for the recycling of new types of waste. Growing market, therefore, not only supported by a widespread interest in the Forrec production but I would underline, by the quality of contacts.

Cristiano Perin, for UK and Romania.

I personally followed RWM exhibition in Birmingham and Romenvirotec in Bucharest, these were occasions to strengthen our presence in these markets and to consider new partnerships with local operators engaged in the world of recycling and waste valorization. On both occasions I have witnessed the growing interest for Forrec brand.

Emanuele Zilio, for Turkey.

This year we attended two fairs in Turkey: IFAT in Ankara and REW in Istanbul and I had the chance to see the great interest of the market towards recycling and technological solutions developed by Forrec. An interest that has recently found confirmation in Ecomondo in Rimini with the active presence of more than 60 Turkish companies.

Nicola Santinello, for France and the Maghreb.

The exhibition World Efficiency of Paris confirmed the excellent cooperation with our French dealer. Thanks also to the important Forrec references across the country, the attention and the interest of the French market lets understand significant growth prospects for our brand. The Pollutec Casablanca has highlighted a positive collaboration with our new dealer, confirmed by the sale, during the fair, of a new shredder to install in Morocco.

Fabrizio Caon, for Mexico.

I had the opportunity to attend the Residuos Expo Guadalajara, in conjunction with the inauguration of the first six plants for the recycling of MSW that Forrec sold in Mexico. A circumstance that has grown even more the interest in our company. Today we can say that, thanks to a close collaboration with our local distributor, the presence of Forrec in this country is considered an important reference.

As it is clear from the interventions, the results of this year are very positive and confirm a trend that sees the Forrec brand gaining ground in all markets for the quality and efficiency of its products but also for the reliability and complete services provided.