For rec Washing Technologies srl

Forrec presented its new waste treatment technology applied to the POST-CONSUMER PLASTIC sector at the latest edition of Ecomondo in Rimini.

Forrec Washing Technologies srl joins the Forrec group together with For Rec Recycling Systems SRL and TZR Recycling Industry.

The company deals with the enhancement of plastic materials, waste from industrial collection and differentiated agricultural collection.

Compared to the primary and secondary shredding offered by Forrec, the Washing division involves:

  • plastics washing part,
  • separation processes by type of material,
  • different density flotation systems,
  • centrifugation and extrusion systems to obtain from plastics a second raw material.

Highly qualified and experienced personnel in the plastic treatment is accompanying Forrec in this project, with more than 25 years of direct experience in the field of plastic regeneration. The mission is to manage the complete plant to reach the same levels that Forrec has for the treatment of other waste such as tires, refrigerators, weee, cables ...

Respect for the environment and the protection of natural resources, regenerating materials such as plastic; these elements are always of fundamental importance for Forrec. This kind of technology lacked in the waste treatment sector and it will be able to satisfy that part of the market that required the complete flow of waste material to resource.