Forrec's experience at the Eco Waste fair in Abu Dhabi

The Arab Emirates are a very interesting market for Forrec because since last year a law on Zero Waste has come into force with the aim of eliminating landfills, learning how to treat and reuse waste materials.

At the Eco Waste fair, which took place in Abu Dhabi from 13th to 16th January, Forrec presented its tyre disposal plant, which allows to work on two separate phases:

● sell the cut rubber (from 50 to 80 mm) to cement plants, which will use it as an alternative fuel to produce energy

● obtain a very fine granule size (from 0 to 4 mm) that will be reused inside the bitumen for asphalting roads and for making technical items, such as tiles, soundproofing panels, street furniture, shockproof surfaces

Forrec is already very active in the Country with regard to the treatment of tyres and urban waste, also thanks to the collaboration with the local agent Sharaf Future and the Chamber of Commerce.