Paper, plastic, glass, metals and organic waste are waste materials that, if correctly collected and selected, allow nowadays for a saving of 6.5 billion in terms of raw material importation from abroad. Not only that, using what the technicians refer to as SRM, or rather, secondary raw materials, Italy already currently saves 2 billion Euros of energy, equalling approximately 10% of electricity consumption.

The paper industry is that which is emerging most, where the conservation of virgin raw materials is very high. Indeed, in the last 15 years, recovered paper has almost doubled, going from 26% of the total in 2000 to 47.7% in 2015. Meanwhile, in the plastic material industry, the use of recovered materials brings about annual savings of approximately 500 million Euros.

Overall, the waste management industry has been growing consistently over the past few years, reaching a turnover that exceeds 9.5 billion Euros, almost three times that of Italian football. But the most proactive companies are developing particularly in the selection and valorisation of the materials collected, whether they be urban or industrial.

Forrec supports and joins this green economy supply chain in its own right. It supports operators with specific installations for all kinds of solid urban and industrial waste, but also with complete selection systems aimed at adding value to the fortune inside our rubbish bins.