At the end of last year Forrec announced the signature of important contracts in France for the supply of two plants designed to treat 120 refrigerators per hour.

A few months later, the first line is almost ready to go live. Assembling, started in February, is over and tests to the whole installation will start next week.

The second plant, currently in the advanced stage of production,will be ready for shipping by the end of July.

The two lines differ for the final handling of the gas extracted during the process: the first plant uses an on-site gas thermodestruction system while the second one uses a cryogenic (nitrogen) system. The specific characteristic of Forrec plants is the possibility to treat airconditioning systems, heaters and boilers.

The design of these two plants integrated latest-generation treatment technologies, thus confirming that continuous technological upgrading and the flexibility to work side by side with customers during project development are a prerogative of Forrec and of its partners worldwide, and France was able to test this added value first hand.