France selects Forrec to process refrigerators

The year 2017 was one of outstanding achievements and consolidation: two major French companies decided that Forrec's refrigerator processing technology and experience were exactly what they needed to complete their own plants, which will, in terms of intake capacity (120 refrigerators/hour), be the world's largest.

A key aspect of these lines and the process they perform is the final handling of the extracted gas. The first plant, scheduled to come online by May 2018, uses an innovative, sophisticated on-site gas thermo-destruction system; the second plant, which will be operational by the end of summer 2018, applies the tried and tested cryogenic (nitrogen) system currently used in several Forrec plants around the world.

Forrec continues to lead the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) sector, especially the refrigeration segment. It also provides air conditioning, water heater and boiler waste disposal via a unique process that only Forrec plants provide. Such cutting-edge solutions stem from continuous technological upgrading and a flexibility that ensures close customer support during project development and implementation.