Hungary: Treatment of electric motors

The plant designed and installed by FORREC in Hungary for the treatment of electric motors (mainly), as well as electronic boards, mixed metals and WEEE, has been operating for about 1 year.

The plant provides a treatment aimed at the recovery of iron, copper and aluminium from electric motors, thanks to the performance of the Hammer Mill model Z15-1000 of the Forrec range and to a proven system of transport, separation and valuing of the materials composing the treated waste.

The modular and flexible Forrec plants have allowed to connect the currently operative system, from which the customer already obtains clean iron conveyed to the foundry as raw material, to the new line for the refining of the non-ferrous metal.

Aware of the great market opportunity given by the recovery of copper, the customer has recently decided to implement the line with a refining system of this precious non-ferrous metal, contained in large quantities inside the electric motors. The line will then be completed with a system able to granulate the copper to be able to obtain an optimum separation.

The system, designed and realized by Forrec, allows the recovery of all the components of WEEE eliminating the problem of management and eventual disposal of mixed fractions in favor of the complete valuing of the scraps with consequent increase in marginality and recovery rates.

The Hungarian customer has proved to be very attentive to the treatment of this type of waste and has been able to use the technology and the FORREC experience to solve a problem that differently affects many European and non-European Countries.