We meet Marco Zoccarato, CEO of Forrec, to trace a summary of this year of activity of his company.

“One of the most significant point of this year is the relevant and increasing consideration of Forrec brand all over the world. Tangible sign of an efficient strategy together with an intense, meticulous and methodic job.

The growth of our brand necessarily passes through the international identification and through the increasing in prestigious references which enlarge our custumers portfolio. To stand out from our competitors with deed not only in word is a rare characteristic: commercial cosultancy, precise design, high quality of used materials and efficient post-sales service are in Forrec’s DNA.

These are fundamental characteristics to help the customer in selecting the right machine in a wide range of solutions and with a very aggressive concurrence. But the awareness of our customers is constantly growing compared to the past and this allows us to be more remarkable in different countries.

I would like to mention the 6 installations we have installed in Mexico for the separation of the organic scraps and the 4 installations for the production of RDF.

But also the two installations for the treatment of refrigerators, in Serbia and in Russia where the wide range of services that we offer has been fundamental for the positive conclusion of the operation.

Or, also, the installation for the treatment of refrigerators and Weee in Guadaloupe Island.

Of course this is a “work in progress” which has begun to bring significant results even in complex areas such as in the United States of America or in the Arab Countries.

Our Vision is very clear and once we reach a goal we are ready for the next one and now I can say that Forrec has found the road to the success that all the team deserves.

This result makes us optimistic towards next challenges.”