Interview to the Dutch agent Bronneberg

Forrec interviews the Dutch agent Bronneberg, with which it collaborates since 2015 in the Northern European market.

For some years Forrec has been collaborating with the company Bronneberg based in Helmond in the Netherlands, Henri Jegerings (director) and Alexandr Jegerings (export area manager) answer a few questions to take stock of the current situation of collaboration and waste treatment in the North Europe ... but not only:

When is Bronneberg BV born and how is the company organized?

Bronneberg was founded in 1946 and we are manufacturers of equipment for recycling metal waste such as scrap shears and balers for non-ferrous metals. Today we have a staff of more than 30 people and our focus is on the sale and after-sales service of recycling equipment related to non-ferrous metals, cables and ELV cars. Thanks to our many years of experience we sell machines in many areas of the European territory and the Middle East.

How did you get in contact with Forrec and how long are you cooperating with them?

We started promoting and selling machines produced in Italy since 2000, we had known Forrec for many years, but our collaboration began in 2015 when we started actively promoting single-shaft and double shaft shredders. Furthermore, we noticed a growing demand from the Eastern European markets for lines with hammer mills for the treatment of various types of materials consisting out of non-ferrous metals. We evaluated the complete Forrec production and we saw that it would be perfectly adapted to our items. The future for European companies dealing with waste treatment is linked to their ability to process different types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

How does your Country manage the waste and scraps treatment and recycling?

What we have noticed is that large recycling companies are structuring and absorbing smaller sized companies. Bronneberg has extensive experience in metal processing and we currently see a positive development in the recycling of electric motors and cables.

What systems are popular and required in your country? How do Forrec systems meet the demands of the territory and what are the characteristics of Forrec systems that are most appreciated by customers?

Bronneberg is very focused on companies in the Benelux, Germany and France dealing with the treatment of electrical cables. Together with Forrec we have developed performing systems for cable recycling with starting load capacity of 2.5 ton / h. With our knowledge about cable recycling and Forrec’s knowledge in the electric motor recycling sector, we are developing a versatile and turnkey system for the treatment of both electric motors and scrap cables.

Which tools (social media, web, company profile) used to communicate the characteristics of your Forrec projects and projects?

We serve customers all over the world and a great tool is our site combined with our Youtube channel.

Have you attended events or initiatives to develop and strengthen your sales network? How did Forrec support you?

We presented Forrec products to our agents and dealers all over the world, we collected multiple requests that generated different sales. Bronneberg participates in major international recycling events: IFAT, Pollutec, ISRI, during these events we promote our products and those of our partners as Forrec.

How would you judge the experience so far with the Forrec staff active in the various areas (commercial, sales service and spare parts service)?

It is very important for Bronneberg to show our (potential) customers that we are actively cooperating with Forrec. We know that customers are very demanding and with our services and teams we manage recycling plants produced by Forrec in our area. The customer wants to be sure of being in good hands, so we regularly send our technicians to Forrec so that they are always up to date on project developments.

How did 2018 end, how was the trend in the first 6 months of 2019? And how could the collaboration with Forrec develop soon?

After a few years in which we promoted Forrec products and "through word of mouth", 2018 was the first year in which we installed Forrec lines with continuity in Europe and beyond.

We have installed various plants with hammer mills in Eastern Europe, big double-shaft rotary shears in Belgium and Israel. In addition, we have sold several double-shafts and single shafts shredder for cable processing. Currently we are planning to expand several previously installed lines.

Every day we appreciate the high level of experience and information we receive as well as the speed in the production of projects and layouts. 2019 will certainly be a year of intense work and fruitful collaborations between Bronneberg and Forrec.