January Exhibitions: IERC and ECOWASTE

IERC Salzburg

IERC Salzburg is not-to-miss event for Forrec, which has been participating in this event for 5 years. The main sector is the treatment of the Weee; companies and professionals involved in the treatment of waste and plant management are present and Forrec with the operating plants all over the world will make its own contribution.

This year the engineer Emanuele Bonaldi, sales executive, will have a speech in which he will talk about:

  • Forrec technology and experience to identify technologies that perfectly adapt to customer requirements,
  • reduction of plant maintenance costs by 40%,
  • systems with material flows never seen before (120 fridge now in France),
  • low dispersion of precious components contained in electronic boards.


ECO-WASTE Abu Dhabi: Forrec participates for the second time at the event which led to excellent feedback in 2018. The Gulf Area has proven itself very interested in Forrec technologies, particularly those applied to the landfills remediation and the use of waste as fuel (RDF) in consideration of the new regulations entered into force this year. The fair will be an important moment to meet companies already in contact with Forrec for projects aimed at enhancing waste and protecting the environment.

Forrec will be at the show in partnership with company Sharaf Future, who has been managing the Dubai office for some years and the active presence of the company in the Gulf area.