Thailand case

Four plants for the treatment of municipal solid waste have already been produced and shipped and another two lines are planned for early 2018: these will ensure landfill emptying projects get under way in some provinces of Thailand.

Lines capable of processing up to 40 tons of waste an hour, consisting of the multi-crusher (the flagship of the Forrec range), disk sieves and a conveyor belt system that allows perfect control of waste flows.

To the immense satisfaction of both our customers and Forrec's staff, tests on the first two assembled systems have already yielded excellent results. Designed to handle heavy flows and prepare waste for combustion by way of an automatic sorting system, these lines have demonstrated outstanding efficiency and user-friendliness as regards both operation and maintenance.

The project will subsequently be extended to numerous other municipalities in South-East Asia, being adapted as required to solve a problem shared by many countries around the world.

Forrec has also developed a multi-crusher version that is more compact and economical than the models currently in the range, allowing smaller-scale requirements to be fulfilled. The FR1000 and FR1300 multi-crushers join the 1800-2000-2500-5000 versions.