Forrec has always invested time and resources to improve and increase the efficiency and quality of its machines. In particular, the focus of our designers in recent months has focused on the bags opener, an essential machine for the treatment of waste coming from sorted collection of low quality even with the presence of glass.

Specifically, the machine has solved problems linked to the chopping / cutting of the material in the case of bulky packaging (containers of more than 5 liters), ultimately eliminating the wrapping of extensible plastic packaging around the shafts.

Now the range of bags opener LS series adopts a unique new technology that exploits an innovative blades configuration and a specific system of shafts rotation, this allows to rip-up or break those rope-like or very bulky waste that normally block the bags openers of other manufacturers.

Among other features that make Forrec’s bag opener top range of the market we must remember: the extreme reduced time for replacing the shafts and for changing the blades, this allows a quick and easy maintenance. Finally, the variable speed of the shafts by inverter ensures optimal opening of the bags and a regular flow of material.

Forrec recently installed in Portugal, within a plant for selection of waste from differentiated collection, a bag opener mod. LS1500 with a treatment capacity of 60-80 m3/h of municipal solid waste.

A bag opener mod. LS1800 with a treatment capacity of 20-30 m3/h of organic waste was installed in Rome in a compost facility.