The metal scrap market

All types of metals can be recycled with excellent results, also in terms of energy savings, because producing pure metal starting from the mineral requires a highly energy-intensive production cycle. Furthermore, the recycling of metals limits CO2 emissions and preserves nature reserves. with great savings also on disposal.

Metal treatment has always been an important sector for Forrec, which for years has been offering single machines and complete plants to treat different types of metals, in different forms and applications.

Top machine for shredding ferrous waste - such as profiles, car bodies and in general metal scrap - is the FX two-shaft shredder which, thanks to the power given by its 4 engines (of 90, 110 or 200 kW each), is able to process up to 35 tons / h of waste. Forrec has recently produced 3 shredders for the Middle Eastern market, delivered to Israel, Palestine and Oman.

The WEEE sector (Waste and Electrical and Electronic Equipment) also provides for the treatment of metals contained in large appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, etc.) and in electric motors. Forrec has developed a line, installed in Hungary, aimed at the recovery of iron, copper and aluminum thanks to the performance of the hammer mill model Z15-1000 and to a tested system of transport, separation and enhancement of the materials composing the treated waste.

The treatment of metals also involves the recycling of aluminum: profiles, frames, parts of household appliances, containers and other products. This is an important sector for Forrec which has designed four shafts shredders and specific grinders for aluminum scraps. Recycling is very convenient and in recent years many Turkish companies have appreciated the use of the Forrec single shaft shredder to prepare the aluminum waste for subsequent treatments.

Once again Forrec proves to be a reliable partner, able to propose customized and effective solutions for multiple sectors and fields of application.