As mentioned in our June newsletter the single-rotor shredder XK3000H is operative; it has been installed in an important Turkish industry specialized in the production of aluminum billets, and the machine will be used in the treatment of aluminum scraps both in bulk and packed.

The hydraulic single rotor shredder was developed for all those applications that require high cutting torque and a low rpm and it is able, therefore, to treat material characterized by particular hardness such as aluminum scrap in bulk or bales.

The hydraulic drive, in this case, is the most suitable system to bear the particular stresses given by hard materials.
Here is a summary of the strengths that make XK3000H a machine with advanced technological features, both in terms of performance and reliability:

  • Rotor Ø 760 mm;
  • Installed power 320 HP;
  • Dual drive with dual epicycloid gear unit;
  • Installation of a fixing system to the gearbox to prevent rotation thereof;
  • The thickness of the cutting bits was increased to ensure a greater resistance during the grinding of hard materials;
  • Plates also mounted on the discs of containment of the rotor to facilitate cleaning of the sides to avoid wear of the side due to material obstruction;
  • Counter-blades with interchangeable plates. Those can be rotated 4 times reducing, thanks to the extreme ease of replacement, labor costs and downtime;
  • We have increased the power of the pistons which move the hydraulic ram to face with the applications with hard material for which the shredder is designed for.