Primary shredder: the milestones

Forrec currently designs and manufactures a range of 28 primary shredders models, which change in size, treatment capacity and for process characteristics.

To present its innovations, in line with market demands, Forrec takes a step back and focus on a product that is the milestone of its business.

The primary shredder is the initial idea, it is that famous first step in the world, it is the always trendy dress. Reducing is the keyword, the goals are different, but the starting point is always the same: shred to reduce transport costs, shred to separate, shred to enhance.

Responding to this need was the first purpose of Forrec and the evolution of the shredder, over time, has led to an increasingly advanced and effective technology in the various sectors.

Shredders used for the simple volumetric reduction of materials of different densities from polystyrene to iron, passing through wood, tires, plastics ...; the shredders for the opening of the bags in the lines which provide for the selection of municipal solid waste; the shredders-crushers used both in the treatment of bulky waste and applied to the treatment of WEEE appliances for a correct evaluation of the various components; electric shredders, hydraulic, with sector blades with welded blades of different thicknesses and hardness, a wide choice for all types of urban and industrial waste.

A solid starting point for the realization of great projects.