Recycling aluminum in a successful way: the FOR REC innovations shown at ECOMONDO

Last month turned out to be a period full of novelties and events. First of all, the participation in ECOMONDO: the international trade fair dedicated to the sustainable development and the recovery of materials.

An imperative event for those working in the industry and, of course, the FOR REC team couldn't miss it!

The fair confirmed to be a unique opportunity for meeting, dialogue, comparison and presentation of new cutting-edge technologies in the field of recycling and recovery of different types of materials. In particular, one of the solutions that attracted the greatest attention during the event was the processing and recycling of aluminum.

Why should we recycle aluminum?

Recycling aluminum is an extremely cost-effective operation.
In addition to being a virtuous practice for the environment, this material can be recycled without any loss of quality. This means that, through its treatment, aluminum does not lose its properties and becomes a raw material again, ready to be re-used.
Recycling aluminum is also extremely advantageous from an economic point of view as it requires 95% less energy than its production process. For these reasons, many companies are increasingly approaching this treatment and deciding to engage in the recovery of this material.

FOR REC's innovations for aluminum recycling

However, in order to recycle aluminum successfully, it is necessary to be able to rely on high-performance and efficient machines that can process large quantities in a short time while minimizing downtime.

During the fair, FOR REC had the opportunity to present its new XH hydraulic grinder: a machine specially designed for the treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, capable of working at high productivity rates.

It is no coincidence that this machine and the system in which it is inserted met great interest all along the course of the fair, considering its remarkable performance, interchangeable plates and a solid structure that guarantees fast and practical maintenance, specially designed to reduce the non-working time.

Like all the machines designed and manufactured by FOR REC, the XH hydraulic grinder is conceived to be adapted and customized according to the company's needs.

Indeed, FOR REC works side by side with its customers at every stage of the design process, listening to their needs and keeping all logistical constraints in mind. For a machine with advanced and totally customized performance.

Superior performance and high volume plants

It is often difficult to make customers perceive the actual size of machinery. That's why FOR REC brought a model representing a complete aluminum and metal treatment line to ECOMONDO.
A small model complete in all details through which visitors were able to understand the size of the plants and their processing capability.

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