Refrigerators treatment: Forrec technology rules

In terms of the treatment of electric and electronic waste (the so-called WEEE), a series of new regulations have been recently defined for the disposal of a component of this waste: THE REFRIGERATORS.

For some time Forrec has been following the procedures of change in the treatment of these particular equipment, especially related to the disposal of gases: dangerous to the environment and the cause of fires in some lines.

Recently, the Weeelabex regulations defined:

  • emission limits,
  • registration of treatments,
  • quality of cleaning of the output product

Forrec promptly responded to the needs of its customers.

Up to 120 refrigerators treated in one hour

The plant designed and already installed by Forrec has a series of pluses that adhere perfectly to the new regulations with one more feature, the possibility of treating up to 120 units in one hour with a single line, thus reducing the required area for installing the line.

Gas destroyed at the plant

But the capacity of the line, the largest in the world, is only the tip of the iceberg, the project provides the innovative possibility of destroying the gas directly on site. More and more refrigerators contain Pentane gas which has the characteristic of having a high inflammation capacity and this gas can be destroyed directly at the plant with a combustor, avoiding subsequent steps and treatments.

Reduced managed costs and more efficiency

For this reason but also for other characteristics, the line has management costs that are significantly reduced and everything has been designed for very high efficiency with respect to 100% of all regulations concerning the protection of the environment in terms of emissions and quality of the output product: plastic, iron, aluminium, copper and polyurethane.

Detection system for treated units

The innovation also foresees a semi-automatic refrigeration detection system positioned in the first part of the line which allows to divide the appliances into categories given by size, weight and the type of gas contained in it (CFC or Pentane). This allows all incoming flow to be recorded and counted so as to completely respect the Weeelabex standard.

Forrec has already received great success and excellent results from the tests that confirm the effectiveness of this innovative and pioneering treatment, new orders on the horizon and increasingly ambitious projects.