Forrec in the schools: Mrs. Luisa and the waste recycling

On April 10, Forrec was invited by the children's school “Maria Montessori San Domenico” of Selvazzano Dentro (PD) to present its plants and technology to children of the last year, 5 and 6 years old.

Exciting and funny challenge for "Mrs. Luisa", who had the task of explaining to the attentive and curious children, the destination of the waste after collection.

The 60 children already placed in a context of environmental protection education have faced important topics in their classrooms, accompanied by their teachers, on the need to respect the world around us and keep it clean. In a project to reuse materials, they dealt with paper recycling, the reuse of plastic and the problem of cigarette butts. In class and in their walks in the area near the school they noticed how the environment around us is strongly destabilised by the lack of human attention.

So why not make these little children aware of protecting the environment? Why not make them understand that change can also start from them? In these days the strongest example comes to us from a teenager who wanted the political leaders’ consciences to be aroused but also the moralities of all the people who live and love this planet.

This is why "Mrs. Luisa" in a simple but concrete way explained the life cycle of scraps from waste to resource, talking about a real "treasure of the dumpster" and bringing materials and videos that gave some inspirations on two important issues: the need to produce less waste and the need to give value to the waste we produce.

The project was a great success and the children expressed interest and astonishment regarding the great potential and the different applications of recycled waste.

"Talk to children as if they were the most intelligent, kind, wonderful, magical human beings in the universe, because, they will become what they believe in"