Leader on the manufacture of machines and plants for the treatment of solid waste, Forrec has always paid particular attention to the area of WEEE, refrigerators and refrigerating equipment, developing cutting-edge technologies for waste disposal and recycling.

Currently in Italy more than 10 systems are operating produced by Forrec for the treatment of WEEE and refrigerators. While more than 20 plants are found all over the world (Belarus, USA, Spain, Germany, Metropolitan France, overseas France Mascarenne Islands).

In these days two new plants for the treatment of refrigerators are going to be delivered to two customers: one in Pancevo near Belgrade with capacity of 40 units/hour and one in Moscow with a capacity of 25 units/hour.

Such a spread is the best confirmation of the high-tech Forrec plants but also the high reliability achieved by the Italian company in all those services (consultancy, service, spare parts etc.) fundamental for a market leader.

But let see in detail the main advantages offered by Forrec plants:

- They are suitable for the recycling of all types of WEEE and offer the possibility to treat with the same plant also refrigerators and refrigerating equipment.

- The Forrec plants are modular, they can therefore be integrated and expanded even at different times and depending on the production requirements.

- The systems are designed by Forrec on specific customer requirements. The extreme "personalization" is one of the important advantages which Forrec is able to offer, thanks to its experience.

- The Forrec plants are designed to ensure low operating costs and limited consumption.

- Most of the attention has been paid to two strategic aspects that have allowed Forrec to optimize the stages of the process and to minimize the percentage of final waste: the design of the manual sorting and the particular profile of the shredders blades that facilitate the selection of value components.

- Even the working place is important for Forrec that has always paid particular attention to both the security and the health.

In parallel with the new and constant technological improvements that characterize its works, Forrec, over the years, has given an important boost to a whole range of services that make it a professionalism partner recognized throughout the world.

Among the main services offered we have to mention:

- The technical and commercial consultancy that supports clients at every stage of the purchase;

- The research, the experimentation and the design, thanks to a skilled technical staff, offer solutions that meet the evolving market;

- Training and upgrading of the plants operator;

- Teams of specialized technicians for all the assembly phases;

- A detailed and comprehensive after-sales service that starts from telephone assistance, the possibility of remote diagnostics and remote control, mobile workshops to emergency and, finally, to guarantee great availability of spare parts thanks to a stock of more than 2000 square meters.

In the refrigerators applications Forrec offers installations for the treatment of refrigerators and refrigeration appliances from 25 to 90 units/h.

In the field of WEEE Forrec offers various types of installations with productivity from 1 to 3 ton/h, able, therefore, to respond to different needs.

Forrec finally presents a combined plant able to treat all three types of waste, namely weee, refrigerators and refrigerating appliances, with great advantages in terms of the optimization of industrial activity, productivity, space and also investment.