The multi-crusher are two-shaft shredders, equipped with special blades, ideal for preparing the material to facilitate subsequent sorting manual or automatic separation.

Without the sieve, these machines can treat high material flows.

The crushing version (LC) is mainly used in the treatment of WEEE or as opening system for materials pressed into bales.

For several years, many companies engaged in different fields of recycling have expressed a growing interest in the use of multi-crusher in their production processes. Machines that have proven to be reliable, efficient and able to admirably perform the tasks for which they were designed. Forrec naturally produces a full range of multi-crushers, able to meet every need and with a construction quality widely recognized by the market.

But can we improve a machine that has always offered excellent performances? Forrec says yes, “however perfect, each machine can be improved” says the Research and Development Department presenting the new version of Multicrusher LC2000, now equipped with more powerful motors and a new PLC, thanks to software developed entirely by Forrec programmers, this machine has increased in performances and efficiency, with reduce consumption.

The different rotation of the two shafts allows the optimum process of opening of the material. The first shaft, faster, pushes the waste inside the machine while the second, thanks to a slower rotation, holds the material.

Special blades allow to open the electronic equipment or baled scraps in appropriate ways to help the subsequent sorting process.

As an example, the new Multicrusher LC2000 of Forrec demonstrated to be able to treat up to 300 washing machines per hour, definitely a record capacity.