In the field of application established by the 2017 Budget Law, Part 1, Section 1, Article 1, Paragraphs 8-13, machinery produced by Forrec also comes under super amortisation.

In particular, Paragraph 9 of the above-mentioned law introduces a new benefit acknowledging an increase of 150% of the acquisition cost for investments in new high-tech equipment assets aimed at encouraging transformation processes. This means that a value of 250% of the acquisition cost can be amortised.

The machinery included in the Forrec range has the necessary requirements to enter into this super amortisation thanks to a series of characteristics that are an integral part of our technology: PLC control system; interconnectivity with factory I.T. systems; potential to automatically integrate with the factory’s logistics system and/or with other machines in the production cycle; simple and intuitive man-machine interface; responsive to the most recent safety standards; remote maintenance, tele diagnosis and remote control systems; continuous monitoring of working conditions and of process parameters through suitable sets of sensors, and adaptability to process drifts.