Forrec technology for electrical cables recycling

Forrec has recently designed a line aimed at the enhancement of materials composing the electric cables.

Forrec has always dealt with the treatment of electrical and electronic waste and this process has brought with it the need for a correct management of electric cables, for this reason the company has recently redesigned a line, already present in its range, aimed at the enhancement of materials composing the electric cables, with particular attention to the recovery of copper.

The Forrec line consists of a primary shredder, a single-rotor grinder, granulator, turbine and separation systems, equipped with an efficient and modern suction and filtration system complying with the strictest European emission standards. The project includes machines that can be cooled and easily inspected for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, reduced installed power (especially in primary shredding) and a consequent reduction in management costs related to consumption and a remote-control assistance.

The separated copper is clean and 99.7% pure, the plastic is screened so that it is free from copper residues and reusable. A pneumatic transport system allows to convey the fractions deriving from the process to a point, limiting the internal logistics of the users of the plant. The projects have different process capacities depending on the requests.

The Forrec project is already operating in the Netherlands and soon a line will be assembled in Poland, ready for shipment these days, Qatar and Hungary the next consignees. The plant has passed the tests and has proven to be suitable even in the refining phase of electric motors, as well as cables, always aimed at recovering copper.

Many requests for pre-treatment to upgrade existing plants, the Forrec primary shredders guarantee capacity ranging from 500 kg to 10 ton/h. The options are many and the company responds with flexibility to requests, guaranteeing purchase and management costs lower than the alternatives given by the market.