10 years of Forrec

September saw Forrec celebrate its 10th anniversary.

These ten years have seen us come a long way: a new headquarters, new partners, dealers and agents worldwide, great results, ambitious projects and success. Ten years of people, commitment, effort and difficulties, all overcome through dynamism and energy.

Not even ten years in the midst of Italy's economic crisis has slowed our growth or affected the flexibility for which we're renowned.

Ten years on the move: tens of thousands of miles travelled to establish contacts worldwide, to attend fairs and conferences, to perform assistance and maintenance tasks, to work together and form friendships.

Forrec is all this and much more: a steadily growing project that takes shape day by day, a mission, an unparalleled passion, a drive shared by everyone on the Forrec team.

In the hope that what we have achieved so far will form the foundations for an even brighter future, Forrec wishes all its customers, suppliers, partners and workers a fantastic 2018.