Forrec has great pleasure today in presenting the company's restyled website.This project is the result of months of commitment and research, when the team made every effort to improve the company's image, allowing it to even more effective communicate with the Italian and international online public .

The website now has completely restyled graphics and content and can provide users with all information about products in a clear, comprehensive and neat manner. The website will be responsive, as it has been researched and designed for browsing on a mobile device. In short, the entire Forrec world is now increasingly at your fingertips!
In addition to finding new pages about Forrec's new machines, you will find very detailed sections on plants and applications, with a focus on experiences and on what the Forrec team has already produced and can still design with its customers.

Restyling the website is just the first step in a larger project, which involves the company in carefully examining web dynamics, a world where it has decided to take a risk and where it envisages endless potential and opportunities.

Forrec invites you to visit its new website and learn more about all its new products and features online!