Tyre treatment: Abu Dhabi

The treatment of tyres is always a very topical subject and of global resonance, in general road transport is certainly the most widespread in cities around the world and the emergency of proper waste management is more than ever felt.

Forrec has designed, assembled and managed recycling plants: zero-impact systems that make it possible to obtain a clean product that can be used as a second raw material in various fields.

But Forrec plants have the characteristic of being modular so as to allow a possible implementation of the lines from the primary treatment, step by step, up to the complete recovery and separation of the parts that compose the tyre.

Precisely with this in mind, Forrec has designed a special version of primary shredder which, thanks to the innovative shape of the blades, allows a perfect cut to be made in the first treatment phase. This "clean profile" makes the material perfectly suitable for combustion as TDF (tyre derived fuel), appreciated by cement companies for its high heating power.

Abu Dhabi is one of the first states of the United Arab Emirates to respond to the need to comply with regulations that have been in force for some time in Europe and in other states of the world.

The Abu Dhabi-based company, part of a worldwide industrial group in collaboration with Forrec for some time now, has evaluated the proposed technology and has commissioned a line that will handle about 8 tons per hour of car and truck tyres, with a guaranteed output size of between 50 and 80 mm. The line will be operational from February 2020 and will be an important step for Forrec both for the Middle East market and for the technology that may have an important impact on the solution to the problem of disposal of tyres.