Sieving systems are a key element in the sorting of municipal solid waste or its preparation to the next phase of transformation into RDF.

In fact, sieves allow for precise separation of the wet fraction, as well as for the sorting of materials smaller than a certain size and destined to further treatment and processing.

Nearly one year ago, Forrec presented an innovative version of discs sieves, conceived and designed to overcome some of the problems experienced with traditional sieves on the market. After a sufficiently long period, Forrec can draw some conclusions from the models which have been operating worldwide with better-than-expected performances. The tapered system preventing material twisting around the shafts has proved to be effective and efficient with the most varied compositions of waste; in fact, the sieves require no cleaning or extraordinary machine downtime for maintenance, unlike other solutions currently available on the market.

A great success and excellent feedback: results far exceeded initial performance expectations, both in terms of results and processing capacity (up to 40 ton/h of material).