Web, social media, multichannel communication: they are not the future, but the present. Web presence is taken for granted, but being there with an intelligent strategy and the right tools is the added value Forrec is seeking to deliver, with a gradual but determined approach.

More and more users are spending time online, increasingly with mobile devices.

More and more often, the decision-making process before making a purchase is extended, and it is possible to cross-check information, credibility and sometimes even costs.
Being sincere, transparent and exhaustive is essential for organisations wishing to establish their image and describe their business online.

Forrec is preparing for this with image restyling that will focus in particular on its website and is the outcome of an immense amount of thought and hard work, with a large dash of creativity. It is seeking to gain a full understanding of the social media world with targeted training programmes, and is taking to the field in no uncertain terms, with the aim of always being on the ball.