Assembly of the new XKM3080 grinder has been completed, transforming the design into the real powerful, high-performing machine the customer asked Forrec to provide.

The mechanical and structural characteristics are based on those of the XK3000, one of the best-selling products in the Forrec range, with technical design features that guarantee a processing capacity of up to 20 ton/h of pre-sorted urban or industrial waste and an output product measuring < 30mm.

The higher-diameter rotor has a larger grinding surface and therefore greater processing capacity; the particular ergonomic design guarantees easier accessibility and a consequent reduction in maintenance times, also assisted by a simplified grid mounting system. Important structural features provide an airtight seal around the rotor and eliminate blockages caused by escaping material; moreover, the compact design allows this grinder to be installed in even the tightest working areas.

Forrec again demonstrates its commitment and perseverance in successfully tackling the challenges offered by the market and its clientele, by delivering a machine that is certain to be replicated in the waste treatment and waste to energy sectors.