Find out how to efficiently recycle aluminum

Material recovery and recycling of non-renewable resources are increasingly central topics nowadays. Due to the excessive consumption of raw materials, it is necessary to work on the recovery of recyclable materials to reduce our environmental impact.

This is why investing in industrial recycling lines can be a real breakthrough for our planet (as well as a profitable choice for businesses).

Among the most suitable materials for endless recycling we find aluminum: the leading metal that can be recovered and revitalized countless times.

A resource with unlimited potential: the aluminum

Over the years, we are witnessing a strong growth in objects produced from aluminum. This trend is mainly driven by the fact that aluminum not only can be used in countless sectors, but can also be 100% recycled unlimited times.

This, of course, contributes to a reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere and avoids the extraction or production of new materials, thus reducing our environmental impact on the planet.

  • The benefits for the community:
    Investing in aluminum recycling brings significant benefits to the whole community: from reduced CO2 emissions to energy savings.
    The use of recycled aluminum allows the production of quality, durable and long-lasting objects without having an excessive impact on our planet.
    In fact, it is estimated that recycling aluminum saves 95% of the energy that would be required to recover aluminum as a raw material.
  • The economic benefits for operators:
    Considering the increasing focus on material recycling and aluminum recovery, it is easy to imagine that this activity will grow in importance in the coming years. Moreover, the price of aluminum is constantly increasing and investing in machines for recycling this material could be very profitable.

Aluminum treatment systems:

FOR REC designs customized high-performance machines for aluminum recycling.These plants allow to: select the material, reduce the volume and finally bring this metal to new life for further processing.

Specifically, the most high-performance lines developed by FOR REC for the treatment of aluminum include:

  • FX primary shredder: double-shaft shredder with four motors and cutting sectors, used for volume reduction and initial roughing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials;
  • Hammer mill Z15: extremely powerful and fast, allows the grinding of heterogeneous materials;
  • XH single-rotor grinder: hydraulic slow running shredder with high torque and hard coating rotor surface against wear and tear caused by metals grinding.

Thanks to these industrial machines it is possible to process numerous types of products, such as: loose and baled cans, aluminum profiles, aluminum casts or wires.

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