The innovative FOR REC solutions for the treatment of WEEE

What can we obtain from Electric and electronic equipment?

In this webinar, FOR REC explores the world of electric and electronic waste recycling (WEEE). Here you can find an introduction to our latest “Dive Into Innovation” webinar.

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Luisa Macchion
FOR REC Marketing Manager
Linkedin Emanuele Zilio

Nicholas Zitella
FOR REC Sales Manager
Linkedin Emanuele Zilio

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A worrying but encouraging fact for future investors in the sector of waste recycling is that in 2018 and 2019 only the 20% of the world's e-waste was properly recycled. Through new regulations and an increasingly stringent control over electronic waste flows, the need to find systems capable of technically and effectively supporting the recycling of electronic waste has become a challenging and not easy purpose.

The role of FOR REC in the WEEE recycling

WEEE contains precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. But it also contains valuable bulky materials such as iron, aluminium and copper, along with plastics that can be recycled and placed on the raw materials market again. Knowing that WEEE is such a dynamic sector, FOR REC has the challenging task of adapting itself to the specific requests of the client, supporting them with a precious know-how which has been consolidated over 20 years with experience in the field. In order to earn through WEEE, FOR REC strongly believes that reducing production costs enhances raw materials and reinforces the customer’s position, for both the market and its competitors.

A completely tailor-made approach

One of the most important examples of projects carried out with this in mind are the refrigeration treatment plants. The largest refrigerator plant in the world is a FOR REC product: a single line treats 120 refrigerating units per hour. Another practical example of FOR REC business-driven product is the mixed WEEE treatment line. It’s an extremely versatile line that can handle up to 6 tonnes per hour, from large-sized appliances to the smaller electronic devices. The WEEE line produces a shredded and separated waste that is exploitable for the market. Since for FOR REC the priority is the customer's need, each line is modular or can be implemented, modified or simplified according to the purpose to be achieved. We often work as a prime contractor and therefore we are used to collaborating with the main suppliers in the sector. Their machines and systems can be easily connected to FOR REC processing lines. Therefore this means that the second phase of the line will be decided on the basis of a tailor-made project according to the customer needs.

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