Forrec and the right steps to a profitable recycling technology

During eREC 2020 - “Digital Recycling Expo and Conference for Circular Economy and Waste Management”, Forrec held a webinar to introduce its new plants for waste treatment: the new TX1600 shredder for ELT (End-of-Life Tyres) and two new recycling plants for refrigerators, and to disclose its solutions for solid waste treatment.

Here you can find an introduction to this webinar’s contents.

Luisa Macchion ForrecSPEAKER

Luisa Macchion
FOR REC Marketing Manager
Linkedin Emanuele Zilio

Emanuele Zilio ForrecSPEAKER

Emanuele Zilio
FOR REC Sales Manager
Linkedin Emanuele Zilio

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Smart solutions to preserve the environment

Forrec designs and produces shredders and customised turn-key systems for the treatment of any kind of municipal solid waste and industrial waste. Forrec designs unique projects, based on customer’s specific demand. Forrec is a manufacturer of both single reliable and performing machineries and complete turn-key systems.

Forrec produces smart recycling solutions, designed for simple managing. Forrec can count nowadays on 60 different models (in particular: industrial shredders, hammer mills, granulators and industrial grinding machines) which combine different kinds of options and features for the treatment of many kinds of waste: tyres, weee, wires and motors, refrigerators, plastics, ferrous and no ferrous materials.

We will give you now an overview of them:

  • two shafts shredders: for primary shredding in volumetric reduction processes; there are various configuration options (normal fixed blades in hardened steel, bolted knife for a quick change or refilled by welding robot), various powers and sizes;
  • four shafts shredders: to reduce the volume of the waste material and for defined size reduction for materials with a certain resistance (cables, waste contaminated by metals, rigid plastics);
  • rotary shearing machines: primary shredders specific for metals, with massive bolted knives for simple maintenance; 2 shafts and 4 motors to ensure the maximum power for the most resistant materials;
  • multi-crushers: two-shaft primary shredders ideal for bulky waste. They have a special design, which combines the proper setting between high hook blade and its cutting table underneath;
  • single shaft shredders: designed for the granulation of material, with a rotor and a sieve that allows to select the size of the output material. There are two available configurations: the electric version suitable for plastic and light materials and the hydraulic version for aluminium and heavier waste treatment;
  • granulators: for the treatment of pre-shredded material, and for the refining of rubber, plastic and cables;
  • hammer mills: compact machines used in the treatment of compact metals, like E-motors, to obtain material with a defined size and ready for the reintegration, thanks to a precise downstream separation of the output materials.

10 steps to more profitable shredding technologies

Forrec has developed a unique approach, to completely fulfill customer’s requirements in 10 simple steps:

  1. Forrec’s salesmen are like consultants, a sort of guide who accompanies the customer to the right choice and tries to investigate the real needs of the customer in order to choose the right machine.
  2. Forrec’s machines and plants are tailored to the customer’s requirements, with adjustments during the design process and also during assembly to meet and exceed expectations;
  3. The project and the importance of the design of profitability in the shredder or in the plant: in the design phase nothing is left to chance, from shredding to separations, to suction;
  4. Partnership (Forrec’s commercial and distribution alliances) with high level suppliers;
  5. Forrec manages the complete installation and the supply of complete lines for the treatment of different kinds of solid waste;
  6. Purchase price vs. operating costs: the investment pays for itself quickly, each plant gives measurable profits;
  7. Service and support: Forrec offers a complete after-sales service;
  8. Financial options to support the customer in the purchasing of the product;
  9. Forrec experts are at your disposal to help you choose the shredder that best fits your needs;
  10. Seeing is believing: possibility to visit customers who already use Forrec machines and possibility to do in-house tests with your own products.

The final part of the webinar shows some case histories: a useful collection of successful projects, from solutions for tyre treatment to solutions for the treatment of refrigerators, electric motors or aluminium, which generate value from any type of waste.

Do you need more information about Forrec’s plants and machineries? Contact us.

Would you like to discover some plants designed and manufactured by Forrec?

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