The rapid technological change and the constant growth of the electronic product reflects the need for e-waste recycling. Looking at some concrete data, 44 million tons of electronic waste was produced in 2016, 49 million tons in 2019 and the forecast for 2022 is to well exceed 52 million tons. Also, only 20% of the world's e-waste is properly recycled, an important fact that is difficult to ignore.

Through new regulations and an increasingly stringent control over electronic waste flows, the need to find systems capable of technically and effectively supporting the recycling of electronic waste is not an easy goal. E-waste contains precious metals but also materials such as iron, aluminium and copper, along with plastics that can be recycled and placed on the raw materials market again.

How can Forrec transform e-waste into a great business opportunity?

Forrec has the challenging task of adapting itself to the specific requests of the client, supporting them with our know-how which has been consolidated over 20 years with experience in the field.

One of the most important examples of this business are the refrigeration treatment plants. The largest refrigerator plant in the world is a Forrec product: 120 refrigerating units (including boilers and cooling systems) are treated per hour on a single line. Furthermore Forrec processing lines respect the Weeelabex regulation.

To be considered a good investment, a plant must produce a lot, be versatile, but above all, it must have low maintenance costs.

Forrec cornerstone technologies applied to the waste are: the special reportable blades on the primary shredders (compared to a line with regular blades this plan has an incredible 40% maintenance costs saving) and a specific and “100% safe for the atmosphere” system for the treatment of the gases contained in the refrigerant circuit and on the polyurethane foam;

This data has been collected from our currently operating lines:

  • seven hundred fifty thousand refrigerators in 14 months
  • 8 thousand hours of work without routine maintenance
  • possibility to produce energy by burning the extracted gases

Would you like to learn more about refrigerator recycling opportunities and profit sources? Watch the recording of the webinar “REFRIGERATORS RECYCLING - Innovation and performance” conducted by Luisa Macchion and Fabrizio Caon, respectively Marketing and Sales Manager in FOR REC: